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Chemical Weed Control

Effective Chemical Weed Control

As a farmer or business owner, effective chemical weed control is essential to the health of your crops and the success of your business. With so many different products available on the market today, the choice might be difficult to make, but with professional assistance you will get the perfect product that will eliminate your weeds and allow your crops to continue to grow healthy and strong.

Weeds are always competing with your crops for light and water, and during this process they might release dangerous chemicals that can be harmful and destructive. It might negatively influence crop growth, and also reduce the quality and appearance of the products. Poorly managed weeds can reduce your crop growth by as much as 80%, so effective measures are definitely needed. Chemical weed control refers to the use of products such as pesticides to control weed growth; these pesticides are basically chemical formulations that are specifically formulated to target weeds and to eliminate them from your grass, fields, or crops. These products are very effective and also essential in almost any farming environment.

Another reason why chemical control is necessary is because manual hand labour can become very expensive over time and pulling out weeds are not as effective as completely eliminating them completely and preventing them from growing again. In cases where chemicals alone will not entirely solve the problem, other measures might be necessary. If you have a very extensive weed problem, you might need to treat your soil first, before planting more crops so that the soil is perfect for your plants without providing a breeding ground for weeds.

It is important to remember that all herbicides will not work on every type of plant. There are products that have been designed for specific plants alone, so make sure that you get the correct type of product and ask a professional if you are not sure what product to buy. Specific herbicides might only control specific weeds, so if it is not effective, you might have bought the wrong product initially. Secondly, the dosages need to be correct. If you apply too little, it might not be effective; applying too much herbicide can quickly become damaging and the weeds can even start to resist the product with continuous incorrect usage. It is therefore important to always ensure that you apply the correct amount of product to the affected area.

Laeveld Agrochem is a leading supplier of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and other chemical weed control products. The company was established more than 20 years ago in 1991 and assists farmers and businesses across the country with effective pest control solutions.

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Advantages of Pesticides

The Many Advantages of Pesticides

Farmers, home owners and businesses will all agree that pesticides are often necessary to control various pests that threaten a specific environment, home, or farm. With so many products on the market, the choice is sometimes difficult to make but it all depends on your requirements, and your environment.

When choosing a pesticide to work with, always familiarise yourself with the possible side effects as well as the ingredients so that you can take the necessary precautions. Wear safety gear when applying and keep your family and pets away from the affected area. If you are not sure what to buy, ask a professional for the best product and also how to properly apply it to the affected area. You will be surprised to know that pesticides do not necessarily work on all types of plants and soil, so it is important to buy the correct product.

The advantages of pesticides are plenty; they increase your food production by allows your crops to be more healthy. With more than 40% of the world’s crops getting lost every year due to pests, it is essential to use an effective product. Since crops are now improved, the cost of food will be reduced. This is because crops are now growing successfully and there are no shortages that will drive the price of food upwards. No short supply means affordable food prices and this is a huge advantage for consumers. As soon as pests play a negative role in food production, prices usually go up as a lot of the available crops are damaged.

Another benefit for consumers is that they will be able to consume healthy, high quality foods. These crops are free from contamination or damage, so they reach the consumer in a perfectly healthy condition. Other pesticides such as household products also have the advantage of providing a pest-free, healthy environment for humans and pets alike. You can rid your home of roaches rats, ants, and other pests that normally reside in household environments and allow for a healthy home and garden. Businesses can also make use of these products to provide a clean and safe working environment for their employees and customers.

Laeveld Agrochem provides a variety of popular pest control products to home owners and farmers throughout South Africa. With the many advantages of pesticides, Laeveld Agrochem’s products are superior and the company is considered to be a leader in the industry since its inception in 1991.

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Roundup Herbicide Application

Roundup Herbicide Application for Your Crops

If you are looking to eliminate weeds from your garden, there are a lot of powerful products on the market, of which the Roundup herbicide application is a popular choice amongst farmers. Eliminating weeds is not always easy and no matter what product you choose, care should always be taken when applying the product.

Herbicides are mainly a combination of chemicals that are specifically formulated to rid your lawn and grass of unwanted weeds. Depending on the type of product you buy, it might prove to be harmful if overused, or if you do not take the necessary precautions. However, these products are more effective than any other weed controlling products and can be used in almost any environment. Remember to wear the proper safety gear when applying the products and always wear gloves as well. Be careful if you are using this application around your home, and first make sure about the ingredients as they might be harmful to your family or pet animals.

Roundup is a popular herbicide application that was originally registered in 1975 and it is classified as a non-selective product. This product provides the farmer with a very effective weed control tool and there are multiple products in the range. Turbo, Bullet, Guardian, and Astron are just some of the products in the Roundup range and they ensure both crop safety and product quality at the same time, two aspects that are very important to farmers and business owners. Roundup is still considered as the leading glyphosate-based herbicide product on the market today and is used by farmers all over South Africa.

Choosing the best herbicide product is not always ease and with so many products on the market the choice sometimes become even more difficult. With that being said, always consult with a professional before you buy a specific herbicide so that you know what the safety precautions are and how to properly apply the product. Make sure that you are aware of the ingredients that the product contain and choose a product that has the correct strength for your specific weed elimination needs.

Laeveld Agrochem is a leading supplier of herbicide application products and the company has been in business for more than 20 years. With a qualified team of professionals to assist customers in all parts of South Africa, Laeveld Agrochem is considered to be a leader in the industry.


Top Quality Herbicides South Africa

Why You Should Choose Top Quality Herbicides in South Africa

Herbicides in South Africa are known to be very effective and with so many different options to choose from, you might not know exactly how to handle and apply every product. Applying them on your own can be challenging, which is why you should make sure about the safety precautions and effects of a product in advance.

These products mainly consist of chemical or organic ingredients that are specifically designed to assist you in ridding your garden and plants from unwanted weeds. These chemicals work by destabilizing the weed, thereby making it very hard and sometimes impossible to grow any further in this challenging environment. These products are very effective and when applied correctly, can provide lasting protection against unwanted weeds.

If you have a situation where a specific herbicide has become ineffective, you might find that the plant has become immune to the product. This can happen if the dosage was too low, or if the application was ineffective. This is one reason to always prepare in advance and know how to properly apply a product. There are different products on the market and if one does not work for you, you can simply switch over to another product, but essentially you don’t want to do this, so try and get it right first time round by calling upon those who know what you are dealing with.

There are a variety of options when it comes to herbicides in South Africa. You can choose from selective, non-selective, systemic, soil applied, foliar applied, or contact products. Selective products only affect certain types of weed, so this is ideal if you are looking to eliminate a specific type of plant as it will have no effect on the rest of the garden or lawn. Non-selective products are somewhat more dangerous, as they will kill off any plant they come in contact with. Contact products will instantly kill anything they come in contact with, while systemic products will gradually be absorbed by the plant and kill them as they move through their system.

Foliar products are applied to the leaves of the weeds themselves. They restrict protein synthesis and stunt the growth of the weeds. Soil products are applied to the soil where the weed can be found, and they will stop the formation of new cells and ruin the roots of the weed.

Laeveld Agrochem is a professional provider of top quality herbicides in South Africa who provide customers with a large variety of products to choose from. Regardless of your requirements, with us you will find the perfect product to eliminate weeds from your garden, lawn, or farm area.


Top Quality Crop Protection

Laeveld Agrochem – Top Quality Crop Protection

The agricultural industry is sometimes challenging and making the right decisions for the health of your business is essential. Laeveld Agrochem is a leader in the crop protection industry and their product range includes fungicides, herbicides, soil nutrition, insecticides, foliar feeds, and animal health.

When it comes to crop protection, there are various products available to customers, depending on their individual needs. Pesticides are a popular solution for many, as they work to rid your garden or home of any unwanted pests. There are different products on the market and you should familiarise yourself with the safety precautions of each one, as some of these may be harmful to your or your family’s health. Similarly, insecticides work to rid your flowerbeds or garden plants from insects, and they are very effective when applied correctly.

Herbicides are ideal for situations where you want to rid your lawn or garden from specific weeds or unwanted grasses. There are various types of herbicides available, including selective, contact, systemic, foliar, and soil products. Their application will differ depending on your needs, but they all work to effectively rid your garden from weeds. You can choose to have a short term solution that you can apply as you need, or go with a long term solution to permanently rid your area of weeds and grasses for good. It all depends on your needs and whatever you choose to do; there will be a product that is ideal for our needs.

Fungicides are available in an organic or a synthetic form. In general, synthetic products are more harmful to the environment than organic ones, but again this depends on what you need the product to do. If you are not sure what to choose, consult with a professional prior to buying any type of product to make sure you are familiar with its side effects and how to safely execute an application at home. Fungicides are very effective and they can help to control or eliminate any unwanted pests from your home or garden.

Laeveld Agrochem provides a wide range of products to customer throughout South Africa. Established in 1991, they have grown significantly and have built a reputation that are second to none. They have a network of trading posts all over the country and they have experts on board who are accredited by the Association of Veterinary and Crop Associations of South Africa (AVCASA).



Using a Top Quality Pesticide

Using a Top Quality Pesticide


With so many different products on the market, choosing the best top quality pesticide is not always easy. All the manufacturers claim that their product is superior, making it harder for the average consumer to make an informed decision when purchasing.

Before you choose to buy just any product, always consider your options and aim to educate yourself on the main differences between the available options. Some people are simply looking for a temporary solution to a problem, while others are looking for a product that will continue to last and provide long term solutions. There are many DIY products on the market, but they can be harmful to your family’s health if not used correctly. This is why it is so important to get expert advice or guidance if you are not sure about a product. You need to know how to use a product, what safety precautions to take, and what harmful ingredients it may contain.

Firstly you should become aware of any potential negative side effects that a product might produce. Some products fail to provide adequate instructions, so make sure that the packaging clearly indicates how to use that specific pesticide.  If you are planning on using the product at home, look for one that won’t be harmful to your family or to any household pets. You might even find some that are not harmful to the environment either. If you are not sure, always ask for professional assistance.

Pest management is best left to an expert; someone who is knowledgeable in the area and can provide helpful advice to people who are unsure about what to buy and how to use it. There are different products on the market and you should preferably ask for one that has little or no side effects. Eliminating pests doesn’t have to be difficult, and with the right product for your needs you can find an effective solution that won’t be harmful to yourself or others around you. Some products will provide protection longer than others, so make sure that the one you choose is effective against the specific pest that you are looking to eliminate.

Laeveld Agrochem has been in business for more than 20 years and we are providers of top quality pesticide products to the public. As an experienced team of professionals, we can assist you with any product prior to making a purchase and also inform you on the proper safety precautions that you can take.


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Effective Insect Control with Insecticides

No one wants to see insects destroy their beautiful flowerbed or garden plants, which is why the use of quality insecticides comes in very handy. They help you to effectively control the infestation of insects on or close to your plants; even our homes are vulnerable to bedbugs and other unsightly insects hiding in our furniture, carpets and curtains. In many cases you might not even be aware of a problem area inside your home, until they start to cause a serious problem.

To effectively control these insects, both in your garden and within the confines of your home, it might become necessary to take action, and quickly too. There are a lot of professional pest control companies available, who make use of both organic and synthetic products to eliminate these annoying pests. These products are usually applied with the help of various methods which can include spreading as powder or spraying as liquid. Depending on your particular situation, you might need to go with a unique solution that will be perfect for your environment. If in doubt, always consult an expert before undertaking these projects as it might just turn out to be more challenging than you thought and harmful to the environment too.

As a homeowner, you want a product that is effective and affordable; you should take careful consideration when choosing a product to work with, especially if you are completely new to insecticides. You need to choose the right amount, and the correct type of product for your unique needs, to ensure that you will get the desired results that you are after. If you are regularly struggling with unwelcomed insects, you might want to use a product that will provide long term results, and one that is not harmful to your family or your pets. You will have a lot of options to choose from, so make sure that you know exactly what you need before you buy a product. This will allow you to choose a product that is both effective and safe at the same time.

When it is time to control or completely eliminate insects using insecticides, you can benefit from working with a professional company such as Laeveld Agrochem. Their reputable team of experts will provide you with the guidance you need to effectively control insect infestations in your home and garden; offering an effective and affordable solution for your individual needs.


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How Herbicides Work

Although it is commonly known that herbicides are very effective, you might not know exactly how to handle them and how to apply them on your own. These products made up of either organic or chemical components that are designed to help you rid your lawn, garden and farm of unwanted grass or weeds. By killing weeds, these substances carry out their work in various ways, which are geared towards destabilizing the weed itself and making it practically impossible for them to survive or thrive within the treated environment.

There have been cases where one or more types of herbicides have become ineffective, and this is usually due to the plant that forming a resistance against the product, wither due to incorrect applications or lower dosages. This is why it is very important to be prepared and know exactly how much of a particular product you should apply to ensure that the product is effective. There are a wide variety of different products available and they each have their own unique effects and requirements.

  • Selective: This type of herbicide affects only a specific type of weed, for example, if you are looking to eliminate certain broad-leaved weeds, the product can be applied to the entire are but it will only eliminate this specific plant type and nothing else.
  • Non-Selective: When this particular product is introduced into any weed infested area, it kills off any vegetation it gets in contact with, whether it is broad-leaved or grassy; they do not target one specific plant.
  • Contact: These products will instantly kill any weed or plant that it comes in contact with.
  • Systemic: This refers to products that are gradually being absorbed by the weed or plant, and kills them as it moves through its vascular system.
  • Foliar Applied: In this case, the product is not applied to the soil, but on the leaves of the weeds. This works by inhibiting protein synthesis within the targeted plant and in turn, stunts the growth of weeds.
  • Soil Applied: These products, when applied to the soil, work by inhibiting the formation of new cells, ruining the roots of the target plants, destroying chlorophyll and finally killing off the plant.

With professional assistance from Laeveld Agrochem, you no longer have to worry about choosing the perfect solution as they have an experienced team that can provide you with professional assistance and valuable guidelines. They will help you to eliminate any unwanted plants from your environment through trusted herbicides.


Top Quality Pesticide

How to Choose a Top Quality Pesticide

Choosing a top quality pesticide has never been easy, especially considering the fact that there are so many different types available and various manufacturers that claim their product is superior. If you are completely on your own, you will need to carefully consider your options before you buy just any product.

There are many products on the market that offer only a temporary solution and this is not always ideal; many people want to have a product that can continue to work for them. If you choose the wrong product, it might also have a negative effect on your family’s health since many do-it-yourself projects can be quite challenging. You need to know what you are using, what its effects are, and what the main purpose of the ingredients is. This proves just how important it is to choose a top quality pesticide to ensure that you get the desired results.


In order to choose the best products for your needs, it might be a good idea to find out more about the ingredients that a product contains and familiarise yourself with any negative side effects or indicated dangers. There are a lot of companies offering a variety of products to the public, but they often fail to instruct customers on proper usage and general safety guidelines. You will need a product that does not endanger your family or immediate surroundings, whether it is a residential, industrial or commercial environment. With the right products you will find the ideal solution that will work for your particular environment.

When it comes to pest management, professionals need to have a broad scientific knowledge and expertise on how pesticides work, in order to develop effective products that will be able to eliminate pests. Your home and immediate environment is very important, therefore you need to use an effective solution that will have little or no negative side effects. Professional advice is the best option to go with, and you need to ensure that the person you work with is experienced and knowledgeable in this particular area. You will have a much better chance at success if you choose professional assistance.

Being in business since 1991, Laeveld Agrochem is a considered to be a leader in pesticide and insecticide products. They provide a wide variety of top quality pesticide products and their helpful team is available for support and advice. With their expertise you are sure to find the ideal solution for your unique needs.



An Introduction to Fungicides

When it comes to using of fungicides, there is a lot that one should learn before choosing a product to work with. Regardless of the product bought, whether it is in an organic or synthetic form, you should always be informed prior to using any product in your immediate surroundings.

When it comes to using synthetic products, there might be adverse side effects to the environment, which makes the organic product option much more viable. However, it mainly depends on how you use the product and what your goal is, so keep this in mind when you are looking for an effective product to handle your pest control needs. This means that even though most people will go with organic forms, synthetic products will always be necessary in certain circumstances.

When it comes to controlling certain malignant parasites, fungicides are the ideal solution. When applying these products, extreme care and caution should be taken. Since these products mostly come in the form of chemical formulations which are primarily designed to prevent or completely rid your plants of fungal attacks, you need to know how to apply the product and how to prevent contamination before taking on the challenge.

Fungicides are used mainly for preventive and protective purposes instead of curative purposes. This means that the earlier you spot the symptoms and start the application process, the better your chances of ridding your plants of harmful fungi. With immediate application of a fungicide, you will give your plants an opportunity to restore their health but if you are too late with the application, the damage might be irreversible.


Depending on what your unique needs are, these substances can be applied in a powder form or sprinkled as a water-base spray. You can choose any option as it will have the same effect; what matters most is that the surface of the affected plant, including the leaves’ undersides, be sprinkled with the correct amount of fungicide to allow for maximum protection from fungi attacks. This is essential if you want to ensure the health and sustainability of the plant itself.

Always keep in mind that when it comes to other life forms, such as humans, insects, or animals, you should be careful how you use these products. They can easily suffer from the negative and toxic side effects. It is always advised to make use of professionals to guide you through these applications. Laeveld Agrochem is considered to be one of the most experienced and professional companies when it comes to fungicides and with more than 20 years of experience, they will be able to guide you and provide you with helpful safety tips.