GLIFOSAAT-Versoenbare Mikro-Elemente

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SMART TRIO is ‘n nuwe tegnologie blaarvoedingsproduk wat 100% versoenbaar is met jou glifosaatbespuitings – en dit met die amptelike toestemming van Monsanto en Dow! Die produk voorsien noodsaaklike mikro-elemente (sink, mangaan en boor) deur tegnologie wat verhoed dat die glifosate of onkruiddoders bind met die mikro-elemente wat moontlik kristalle kan vorm en kan lei tot die verstopping van spuitkoppe. Die tegnologie maak dit dus nou moontlik om SMART TRIO saam met glifosate en ander onkruiddoders in dieselfde tenk te kan meng, sonder dat die werking van onkruiddoders benadeel word!

Wanneer ‘n plant gelyktydig blootgestel word aan meer as een onkruiddoder (wat glifosaat kan insluit), word die plant onder addisionele stres geplaas om self ook eers die gifstowwe te verwerk.  Die SMART-reeks is die enigste blaarvoedingreeks wat nie net versoenbaarheid en opbrengsverhoging bewys het nie, maar ook geen nadelige invloed op die werking van die onkruiddoders het nie.  Hoe meer onkruiddoders saam in die tenk is, hoe groter is die stres op die gewas en hoe beter is die SMART-reeks se reaksie!

Smart Trio_SA GRAAN_4.pptx


Root and stalk rot of Maize

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What Are Pesticides

What Are Pesticides and How Do They Help Your Garden?

Gardening is always going to be a tough pastime to deal with when you have pests invading your garden and ruining all your hard work. Anyone that has ever looked after a garden can tell you that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to keep a garden looking good all year round. They will also tell you that you can ‘t afford to allow pests into your garden at any time because they will invariably end up undoing all the work you have done to get it there in the first place.

Pesticides are basically designed and manufactured to prevent, disrupt or even destroy any particular phase of a pest. You will often find them used inside the house to get rid of household pests like cockroaches and ants; however you also get them being used outdoors to help prevent them from taking over your garden and destroying what is left of your handy work.


Any Good Gardener Should Know About Pesticides

You may have a problem with pests in your garden, but using a pesticide might be a disconcerting thought because of some of the effects you might have heard about. The truth of the matter is that you can use specific types of pesticides that are only harmful to the pest it is intended for, and it will not do any harm to anything else. Unfortunately you can’t stop there, because there may be residual after effects that you have to deal with as well.

Making sure that the pesticide only works on the pest takes a careful eye and further steps to prevent secondary poisoning. Birds may eat the dead cockroaches that manage to crawl outside after they have been poisoned, which can in turn poison the birds unnecessarily and they can also die from it. As much as you might prefer to do it that way, the easy route isn’t always the best one because you could end up with a whole lot of other problems arising from the use of pesticides.

What Are Pesticides Actually Used For

In addition to the regular sprays, there are also fumigants, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that are all aimed at killing off very specific types of pests. Each one has been formulated to be effective on a particular one; however you still need to make sure that there are no secondary effects that are passed on from their use.



Guide to Using Insecticides Effectively in Your Garden

If you had to ask any home owner if they have ever experienced any pests around the house, you will often find that the majority of them would have had some experience or problems with insects in one way or another. Whether it is an excessive number of flies, a massive ant colony or even cockroaches in your kitchen, you would need to find some way to get rid of them.

Insecticides are a very specific type of poison that is used to get rid of insects and any other arthropod that falls under that category. People often query the difference between a pesticide and an insecticide and the only thing that you need to know is that insecticides are specifically for insects, where a pesticide generally refers to a broader spectrum that includes poisons for plants, fungi and rodents in addition to killing just the insects.

The Difference between a Pesticide and Insecticide

Essentially you can buy a pesticide for insects and it would be referred to as an insecticide. When you buy a pesticide for plants it is known as a herbicide, and it will often be used in areas of the garden where you don’t want any plants to grow, especially weeds. When you use an insecticide, you will usually get one for all kinds of insects, but using specific ones to kill of specific things is a far better idea.

You can choose an insecticide specifically for ant or cockroaches for example and it will kill off any cockroaches and dissipate the size of any ant colony without compromising the condition of the garden. That means that you can keep the rest of the garden in top shape without affecting the other plants and animals that might be visiting your garden.

Always Use Insecticides Exactly As Directed

The application of certain insecticides can be toxic in some cases, so taking all the necessary precautions is important. Make sure you cover up completely so you don’t get any on your skin, and ensure that you cannot breathe in any fumes. If you can, always try to use the lowest strength possible so that you can minimize the collateral damage that could possibly be caused by its use.

As long as you handle the insecticides correctly and you use them for their intended purpose you should be able to control any insect pests that might be invading your garden with little hassle and minimal damage to the rest of the house and garden.


Roundup Herbicides


What Are Roundup Herbicides and How Do They Work?

Roundup herbicides are basically a trademarked product called Glyphosate which is used to control and kill off any unwanted plants that are growing in a specific area. It gets used by gardeners and farmers alike, being sprayed on specific areas where the weeds and invasive plants are growing. All of these herbicides work on the same basic principle by inhibiting a specific enzyme that prevents the plants from growing.

The problem is that the majority of plants use the exact same enzymes to produce specific proteins that are essential to their growth and well-being. That means you have to be careful where you use it and how often you use it because it can cause long-term sustainable damage to your entire garden or crop. On the other hand, with careful and proper use, it has been proven to be an effective combatant against weeds and invasive plant species.

When Do You Need To Use Them

A single herbicide application is a serious thing and it can kill all the plants in your garden if you are not careful. The same can be said for farmers that are planning to use it for their fields. A single application of the stuff might slow the growth of the weeds, but any plants located in the vicinity will also be affected by it and they may even die.

Even exposure to the person using is harmful and can cause a variety of side-effects that include endocrine disruption all the way through to cancer. Pro-longed exposure can even cause death, so it is important that you only use these herbicides as instructed and with the appropriate gear to makes sure you are protected. The fact that it inhibits an enzyme means that it can be used sparingly without causing any long term damage to the plants you want to keep.

That includes crops for farmers, because they still need to ensure that their crops stay alive, long after they have sprayed the place for weeds and other invasive plants.

Roundup Herbicides That Always Work

It is only through the correct application that you can fully contain weeds and invaders. Roundup is one of the most effective herbicides available in the market to date, and it has even resulted in the production or breeding of plant strains that are immune to its effects. That way they can keep the crops completely clear without the hassle of losing the entire crop.

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Laeveld Agrochem – Farming Chemicals


Laeveld Agrochem – A Few Facts about Farming Chemicals

The agricultural industry is very diverse and can be challenging at times, especially if you need to choose the perfect farming chemicals for your unique needs. There are so many products to choose from that it is essential to first consult with an expert before you choose just any product. If you are new to these solutions, you will need to find out how to properly apply the product and what safety precautions to take.

Herbicides are ideal for specific instances in which you want to get rid of particular weeds in your garden. There are different options available such as selective, non-selective, systemic and foliar. They all have their benefits and they can either work on a specific weed, or eliminate everything in total. It depends on what your own challenges are, and it is best to choose a product that you are familiar with as this will allow you to be aware of the possible dangers and the precautions that you need to take when applying it. Herbicides can either be absorbed by a particular weed in order to kill it over time, or you can choose a non-selective product that will target any weed that it comes in contact with. These farming chemicals are very popular and can be used in various ways to rid your garden or home of unwanted weeds.

Pesticides are a great solution for many people, as they can help to rid your home and garden from unwanted pests. These products should be used with care, especially if you have animals on the premises. Familiarise yourself with the safety precautions prior to using the product, and keep your health in mind. Always wear protective clothing too. Insecticides work in a similar manner and will help you get rid of insects on your premises or in your home or garden area. Farming chemicals are popular products to use and they can be very effective if used properly. They are available from a variety of suppliers all over South Africa.

Laeveld Agrochem is a leading supplier of farming chemicals and we have a wide selection of product available. Our team can assist you in choosing the best product for your needs, as well as give you helpful tips and advice on how to properly use the product while keeping safety in mind. With so many options available you will easily be able to rid your home and garden of pests, weeds and insects.

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Laeveld Herbicide Supplier

Buying from a Laeveld Herbicide Supplier

There are many herbicide products available in the country and they are all known to be very effective. There are so many options to choose from that you might not always be able to choose the correct product; this is why it is always recommended to speak to a professional Laeveld herbicide supplier.

These products mainly contain chemical ingredients, which have been specifically formulated to help you get rid of unwanted weeds in your garden. These chemicals are effective in controlling weeds as they act as a destabilising agent; they make it almost impossible for the weed to grow again, as it will have a very challenging environment to do that in. When applied correctly these products are very effective and they can provide lasting protection against unwanted weeds in any size garden.

If a particular herbicide has proven to be ineffective over time, you might find that the particular plant has already become immune against it. This usually happens when the amount of product was not enough, or that the product was applied incorrectly. This is the reason why you should always be prepared and know what a product’s instructions and dosages are. There are so many different products available from your local Laeveld herbicide supplier store that you need to ensure that you use the correct product from the beginning.

There are different options available when it comes to choosing a herbicide product. You can make use of selective, soil applied, foliar applied, systemic, or contact products. Each of these products is effective in their own right and the product you choose depends on your needs. Selective products will only have an effect on certain types of weed, so it is ideal if you are looking to only kill a particular weed as it will have no effect on the rest of the garden. Non-selective solutions will kill any plant that you apply it to so it is generally more dangerous to use. Systemic products on the other hand will gradually be absorbed by the weed, thus killing it over time.

Laeveld Agrochem is a leading Laeveld herbicide supplier in South Africa. Our wide range of products and knowledgeable staff members will ensure that you find the perfect solution for your weed problem. We provide only the best solutions on the market and we pride ourselves on the expert advice that we offer our customers.


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South Africa – Pesticide Supplier

Choosing a Pesticide Supplier in South Africa

Choosing a pesticide can be more difficult than one could imagine as there are so many different products on the market. Some of these products are not always safe to use inside your home and because of this it is important for you to know what ingredients they have and whether or not they are hazardous to use.

Pests are an ever-growing threat in South Africa – pesticide suppliers can help by providing you with the perfect solution for your unique needs. Some products might provide a temporary solution, while others are more permanent in nature. It all depends on your needs, but it is best to ask a professional if you are not sure what product to use. Always read the safety instructions and make sure that you have the proper equipment to use. This is important, especially if you have pets around the house. Always make sure if there are any harmful ingredients that you should be aware of prior to using the product.

If you choose a product you should know whether or not there are any side effects to watch out for. If there are, familiarise yourself with them so that you can be aware of any possible health dangers if they should occur. A professional pesticide supplier will be able to give you helpful advice on the variety of products that are available ad they are knowledgeable enough to recommend a good solution for your needs. This is always a benefit to have, as these individuals have experience with a variety of products.

To effectively eliminate pests at your home, you need a product that will not harm your immediate environment. Read the instructions carefully and make sure that you do not overuse the product, and allow for enough time to pass after you have applied it so that it can be effective in eliminating pests in your home. Although all products are effective, they might not all be perfect for your needs as there are different types and different strengths available. This is important to note because if you choose the wrong product it will be ineffective.

Laeveld Agrochem is a leading pesticide supplier in South Africa and we have a team of experts that can guide you in finding the perfect product for your unique needs. We can give you helpful tips and advice on safety and proper usage, which will help you to effectively manage your pest challenges.


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Pesticides Used in Farming

Why Pesticides are used in Farming

The farming industry has a constant challenge in fighting off pests that threaten the health and quality of their crops and with the recent advancements in science and technology, the product choices have become even more challenging than before. There are a lot of pesticides used in farming and the product you choose all depends on your individual needs and your specific environment.

There are two forms of pesticides used in farming, namely organic and synthetic. Although most people seem to buy the synthetic type, it is recommended to use the organic types as they are more environmentally friendly and safer for the people and their surroundings. Organic products are also more suitable for residential environments and people with pets, and the benefit of these products is that you do not necessarily have to use a lot of the product for it to be effective. Organic products are by far the best option to go with if you have a smaller farm, or if you are going to use this to rid your home and garden from pests.

Safety is extremely important when you are working with pesticides. Always wear protective clothing when applying the product and make sure that the environment is free from pets and other animals. You should never use more than the recommended dosage, as over-usage can be dangerous as well. Ask your salesman for advice and tips on the product, and how to properly apply it before you buy, so that you can be sure to get the correct product at the required strength for your unique needs. Compare different products first, and have a look at the ingredients so that you know what precautions to take and how to properly apply it.

Successfully managing pests in your garden or on your farm is sometimes complex, as they can become resistant to a particular pesticide if used incorrectly or if you over-use a product. This is why the recommended dosage is so important and you should also try to use a product with little or no side effects. There are a lot of products available these days, so you are bound to get one that will suit your environment.

Laeveld Agrochem is a leading supplier of various pesticides used in farming. The company has been in business since 1991 and has a team of experts that can assist customers all over South Africa in finding the perfect pesticide products for their farming and crop needs.


Chemical Weed Control

Effective Chemical Weed Control

As a farmer or business owner, effective chemical weed control is essential to the health of your crops and the success of your business. With so many different products available on the market today, the choice might be difficult to make, but with professional assistance you will get the perfect product that will eliminate your weeds and allow your crops to continue to grow healthy and strong.

Weeds are always competing with your crops for light and water, and during this process they might release dangerous chemicals that can be harmful and destructive. It might negatively influence crop growth, and also reduce the quality and appearance of the products. Poorly managed weeds can reduce your crop growth by as much as 80%, so effective measures are definitely needed. Chemical weed control refers to the use of products such as pesticides to control weed growth; these pesticides are basically chemical formulations that are specifically formulated to target weeds and to eliminate them from your grass, fields, or crops. These products are very effective and also essential in almost any farming environment.

Another reason why chemical control is necessary is because manual hand labour can become very expensive over time and pulling out weeds are not as effective as completely eliminating them completely and preventing them from growing again. In cases where chemicals alone will not entirely solve the problem, other measures might be necessary. If you have a very extensive weed problem, you might need to treat your soil first, before planting more crops so that the soil is perfect for your plants without providing a breeding ground for weeds.

It is important to remember that all herbicides will not work on every type of plant. There are products that have been designed for specific plants alone, so make sure that you get the correct type of product and ask a professional if you are not sure what product to buy. Specific herbicides might only control specific weeds, so if it is not effective, you might have bought the wrong product initially. Secondly, the dosages need to be correct. If you apply too little, it might not be effective; applying too much herbicide can quickly become damaging and the weeds can even start to resist the product with continuous incorrect usage. It is therefore important to always ensure that you apply the correct amount of product to the affected area.

Laeveld Agrochem is a leading supplier of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and other chemical weed control products. The company was established more than 20 years ago in 1991 and assists farmers and businesses across the country with effective pest control solutions.

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