About Us

About Us

Laeveld Agrochem (LAC) supports the producer from start to finish. LAC offers a wide range of chemical and biological integrated pest management and crop protection solutions, supported with plant nutrition and backed by technology. All this, combined with a long-term partnership to ensure a successful harvest for the producer.


LAC offers holistic and innovative solutions for the agricultural sector.
We are committed to long-term partnerships as expressed in our slogan: Together, cultivating success.

A family business started in 1991

The company was established in 1991 by Nick Liebenberg and Corné Liebenberg; and this year celebrates 30 years in the agricultural industry. From a humble beginning as a family business, LAC has shown consecutive growth since the business was started. This father-and-son team is still actively involved in every part of the business, following and promoting the same old family values that they became known for over the years. 

LAC started its business in the north-eastern part of South Africa – hence the reference to the Laeveld region in our name. Strategic partnerships and collaborations enabled us to expand rapidly and sustainably to other provinces in South Africa and across the country’s borders, with currently over 65 established depots.

Modern business is no longer purely about the bottom line, it is about sustainability, partnerships and giving back. Being a LAC customer is like being part of our family.

The LAC Directors: Rudi Allers, Liezel Allers, Corné Liebenberg, Nick Liebenberg and Jantjie Bouwer.

Giving Back

Giving back is an important value at Laeveld Agrochem; and we work hard to support our communities and people.
We sponsor a variety of projects and events such as arts and culture events, music concerts and local movies.
We also support aid projects such as feeding schemes, fundraisers, fire aid to farmers and help to people in need.
We really want to make a difference in people’s lives.

LAC agents and technical experts

In 2018, LAC changed to a franchise model offering agricultural sales agents the opportunity to fully own their own businesses. 

These agents are qualified agronomists and are supported by a large team of technical specialists. Together they have the knowledge and expertise to offer advice on the full spectrum of crop protection, crop optimisation, plant nutrition and precision services 

Knowledge is combined with innovative technology to make accurate assessments on a producer’s farm, these include water and soil analyses and corrections, harvest optimisation, growth stimulation and more. Laeveld Agrochem gives the producer the opportunity to make informed decisions and implementations ensuring maximum yields.

Make contact with a LAC agent today and partner with us.

Our mission

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    Support agriculture in Southern Africa by enabling optimised food supply and security.

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    To be the customer’s preferred partner and supplier of value-added (crop-enhancing) services, crop optimisation, plant, nutrition and health products.

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    Use smart innovations with modern technology that contributes to the sustainability of agricultural production.

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    Comply and conduct business in an honest way, with integrity and in a responsible manner, adhering to CropLife principles with due regard to the environment.

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    The customer’s best interests comes first.