Guide to Using Insecticides Effectively in Your Garden

If you had to ask any home owner if they have ever experienced any pests around the house, you will often find that the majority of them would have had some experience or problems with insects in one way or another. Whether it is an excessive number of flies, a massive ant colony or even cockroaches in your kitchen, you would need to find some way to get rid of them.

Insecticides are a very specific type of poison that is used to get rid of insects and any other arthropod that falls under that category. People often query the difference between a pesticide and an insecticide and the only thing that you need to know is that insecticides are specifically for insects, where a pesticide generally refers to a broader spectrum that includes poisons for plants, fungi and rodents in addition to killing just the insects.


The Difference between a Pesticide and Insecticide

Essentially you can buy a pesticide for insects and it would be referred to as an insecticide. When you buy a pesticide for plants it is known as a herbicide, and it will often be used in areas of the garden where you don’t want any plants to grow, especially weeds. When you use an insecticide, you will usually get one for all kinds of insects but using specific ones to kill of specific things is a far better idea.

You can choose an insecticide specifically for ant or cockroaches for example and it will kill off any cockroaches and dissipate the size of any ant colony without compromising the condition of the garden. That means that you can keep the rest of the garden in top shape without affecting the other plants and animals that might be visiting your garden.


Always Use Insecticides Exactly as Directed

The application of certain insecticides can be toxic in some cases, so taking all the necessary precautions is important. Make sure you cover up completely, so you don’t get any on your skin, and ensure that you cannot breathe in any fumes. If you can, always try to use the lowest strength possible so that you can minimize the collateral damage that could possibly be caused by its use.

As long as you handle the insecticides correctly and you use them for their intended purpose you should be able to control any insect pests that might be invading your garden with little hassle and minimal damage to the rest of the house and garden.