At Laeveld Agrochem we are committed by word and deed to the improvement of your farming operation, our country and our continent.

While our outstanding product range and excellent services are proof positive of this, our projects illustrate, above all, the many ways in which we harness our expertise and culture of compassion to lend assistance where it is most needed.


Agri Skills Transfer offers training  in the Agricultural Sector and is accredited by the AgriSETA.

Developed on the SAQA system, the training provided is aligned with outcome-based education. The courses are developed according to the National Qualification Framework.

Agri Skills Transfer has been offering National Diploma (2-year) and National Certificate (1-year) courses in Agriculture since 2012 on a distance learning basis.  These courses offer an amazing, blended learning experience where learners must complete theory and practical training to successfully complete their Diploma or Certificate course.

The agricultural training facility offers students have the best of both areas – training & practical contact sessions combined with workplace experience.

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Genesis Nutrition

Genesis Nutritional Products offers a range of functional food and drink products that are scientifically formulated specifically for people working or living in extreme conditions and who therefore have above-average nutritional requirements.

A major advantage of the powder format of Genesis is that it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways:

  • As a meal (in a bowl), mixed with hot or cold milk or water. The ratio of powder to liquid can be altered to meet the user’s taste preference.
  • As a shake (drink), mixed with cold milk, water, fruit juice or yoghurt.
  • As a smoothie (thick drink). Pieces of fruit and ice cubes are added to a Genesis shake and liquidised.

Genesis can be used and enjoyed by everyone: Children, adults, the gluten-intolerant, diabetic persons, or people suffering from malnutrition.

Seed packs

In an effort to help break this chain of poverty, the Laeveld Agrochem has teamed up with AgricultSURE to offer a sustainable solutions by way of their Seedpack Project.

The project supplies innovative seed packs that enables people to plant, cultivate and harvest their own vegetables.  It is available in two variants, a summer pack containing gem squash, green bean, cabbage, carrot and spinach seeds and winter pack containing cabbage, beetroot, onion, carrot and turnip seeds. Each pack also contains two types of fertiliser, a complete set of plant spacing ropes and a user-friendly illustrated guide.

  • Bulk orders of 500+ at wholesale prices.
  • Option to add a company logo.
  • Various vegetable combinations and seasonal seeds packs available.

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Health & Hygiene Solutions

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