Veggie Garden Starter Pack

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  • Prices range from R125 – R150 per pack, depending on crop and size.
  • Bulk orders of 500+ at wholesale prices.
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  • Various vegetable combinations and seasonal seeds packs available.

Sowing seeds of goodwill and empowerment

More than one out of every five South Africans go to sleep hungry every night – this amounts to a total of 10 million men, women and children who have no idea where their next meal will be coming from.

In an effort to help break this chain of poverty, the Laeveld Agrochem has teamed up with AgricultSURE to offer a sustainable solutions by way of their Seedpack Project.

According to Kobus Hurter, executive manager of AgricultSURE, the main objective of the project is to supply vegetable seeds packs particularly to low income groups in South Africa whose single main meal, usually consisting of maize meal, MAROG an meat (for those who can afford it) does not contain adequate nutritional value.  The solution, he says,, is to empower and equip people to cultivate their own vegetables.


The project supplies innovative seed packs priced at R150 each that enables users to plant, cultivate and harvest their own vegetables.  It is available in two variants;  a summer pack containing gem squash, green bean, cabbage, carrot and spinach seeds and winter pack containing caggabe, beetroot, onion, carrot and turnip seeds.  Each pack also contains two types of fertilizer, a complete set of plant spacing ropes and a user-friendly illustrated guide.

“You just need to add water to produce and impressive 100–120 kg health, nutritious vegetables on a piece of suitable land of only 3m x 5m (15 m2),” explains Hurter.

According to Corné Liebenberg, Laeveld Agrochem’s marketing director, there is a major additional benefit, over and above supplying skills and food security to millions of people.

“By involving school, we’re also developing South Africa’s next generation of farmers and entrepreneurs.