Throughout South Africa, weeds present a major threat to farmers and to the natural environment.

Laeveld Agrochem

Throughout South Africa, weeds present a major threat to farmers and to the natural environment.


They are capable of destroying native habitats, threatening native plants and animals, obstructing natural systems like rivers and forests and reducing farm and forest productivity. Land and water managers also often incur material and labour costs in their efforts to control weeds.

MAMBA DMA 480 SL is a broadspectrum systemic herbicide, highly effective in killing weeds and eradicating a wide variety of unwanted plants, including grasses, broadleaf, perennials and woody weeds.

Patented and exclusive to Dow Agrosciences, this new formulation contains a third-generation glyphosate, Dimethylamine (DMA) salt. With the inclusion of this industry latest innovation in glyphosate technology, MAMBA DMA 480 SL is not only safe to users and members of the public, but also has a low environmental impact.

How it works As a herbicide MAMBA DMA 480 SL works by being absorbed into the plant mainly through its leaves but also through soft stalk tissue. The Glyphosate is then transported throughout the plant where it acts on various enzyme systems inhibiting amino acid metabolism in what is known as the shikimic acid pathway.

This pathway exists in higher plants and microorganisms but not in animals. Plants treated with glyphosate slowly die over a period of days or weeks, and because the chemical is transported throughout the plant, no part survives.


  • Easy-handling formulation
  • Low foaming
  • Low viscosity – advantage for use even in colder temperatures
  • Good tank-mix compatibility, particularly with phenoxy herbicides
  • High active ingredient load
  • Logistical advantages
  • Treat more hectares p/container
  • Reduced transport, packaging, storage and handling costs
  • Fully loaded with advanced surfactants
  • Exclusive proprietary blend of modern surfactants
  • Excellent uptake and rain fastness
  • Delivers consistent, proven, broadspectrum weed control Can be applied to Glyphosate-tolerant maize


Mamba DMA 480 SL contains glyphosate (dimethylamine [DMA] salt [caition]) Reg no. L8388, Act no. 36 of 1947)