Top quality crop protection

Laeveld Agrochem

Top Quality Crop Protection


The agricultural industry is sometimes challenging and making the right decisions for the health of your business is essential. Laeveld Agrochem is a leader in the crop protection industry and their product range includes fungicides, herbicides, soil nutrition, insecticides, foliar feeds, and animal health.

When it comes to crop protection, there are various products available to customers, depending on their individual needs. Pesticides are a popular solution for many, as they work to rid your garden or home of any unwanted pests. There are different products on the market and you should familiarise yourself with the safety precautions of each one, as some of these may be harmful to your or your family’s health. Similarly, insecticides work to rid your flowerbeds or garden plants from insects, and they are very effective when applied correctly.

Herbicides are ideal for situations where you want to rid your lawn or garden from specific weeds or unwanted grasses. There are various types of herbicides available, including selective, contact, systemic, foliar, and soil products. Their application will differ depending on your needs, but they all work to effectively rid your garden from weeds. You can choose to have a short term solution that you can apply as you need, or go with a long term solution to permanently rid your area of weeds and grasses for good. It all depends on your needs and whatever you choose to do; there will be a product that is ideal for our needs.

Fungicides are available in an organic or a synthetic form. In general, synthetic products are more harmful to the environment than organic ones, but again this depends on what you need the product to do. If you are not sure what to choose, consult with a professional prior to buying any type of product to make sure you are familiar with its side effects and how to safely execute an application at home. Fungicides are very effective and they can help to control or eliminate any unwanted pests from your home or garden.

Laeveld Agrochem provides a wide range of products to customer throughout South Africa. Established in 1991, they have grown significantly and have built a reputation that are second to none. They have a network of trading posts all over the country and they have experts on board who are accredited by the Association of Veterinary and Crop Associations of South Africa (AVCASA).